The museum exhibition is a journey to the past, starting from the early paleo-men through million years until the Big Bang, the origin of Earth.

The museum developed the “black box” design concept to recreate past environments and displaying fossils, curiosities, replica and original scenery.

The tour ends with a short film in the central module.

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Top rated

These are the must-seen in your next visit:

The hand painted cave: the beginning of the exhibition.

The ferocious Fororraco: one of the predators of the continental Tertiary.

Tyrannotitan: the giant carnivorous dinosaur.

Patagotitan: the fossils of the biggest dinosaur in the world.

Mef services

Cast production
and design services for museums

This program has been designed to promote and exhibit the paleontological riches of Patagonia and at the same time provide additional funds to the MEF’s Scientific Program. As such, it incorporates the most scientific accuracy in the production of exhibitions and casts for other museums. Our team of paleontologists and technicians is globally recognized and represents a guarantee in our exhibitions.

All molds and copies are based on unique findings of dinosaurs that occur permanently in Patagonia Argentina, one of the most known regions in the world in terms of paleontological discoveries. In summary, by having a MEF replica, you will be helping a non-profit organization that supports an important scientific program in South America and its current expansion within the Research and Education Project.

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