Dr. Rubén Cúneo – CONICET

Dr. Ignacio Escapa – CONICET

Dr. Marcelo Krause – CONICET

Dra. M. Alejandra Pagani – CONICET

Dr. Diego Pol – CONICET

Dr. Damián Ravetta – CONICET

Dra. Juliana Sterli – CONICET

Dra. Alejandra Vilela – CONICET

Dr. José Luis Carballido – CONICET

Dra. Luciana Gonzalez-Paleo – CONICET

Dra. María Encarnación Pérez – CONICET

Dr. Evangelos Vlachos – CONICET

Postdoctoral Scholars:

Dr. Marcos Becerra – CONICET

Dra. Carolina Madozzo Jaén – CONICET

Doctoral Scholars:

Lic. Carolina Oriozabala – CONICET

Lic. Andrés Elgorriaga – CONICET

Lic. Ana Andruchow Colombo – CONICET

Lic. Kevin Gómez – CONICET

Lic. Ariana Robles Vilches – CONICET

Lic. Facundo De Benedetti – ANPCyT

Lic. Agustín Pérez Moreno – CONICET

Lic. Cristina Nunez – CONICET

Lic. Bárbara Vallejo – CONICET


Sr. Eduardo Ruigómez

Sra. Laura Reiner – CONICET

Laboratories of Mechanical Preparation and Thin-sectioning:

Sr. Mariano Caffa

Sr. Norberto Pfeiffer

Sr. Ariel Aresti

Sr. Leandro Canessa

Expeditions and Logistics Area:

Sr. Pablo Puerta

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