The Museum

Mission + Vision

The Paleontological Museum Egidio Feruglio (MEF) is a centre for scientific activities one of a kind in South America. Delineated by a modern and unconventional design, MEF innovative work is reflect both in its exhibitions as in its products and services. Interpretive tours tell the story of the life forms that lived in Patagonia through a time travel of millions of years into the past.

The MEF’s mission is “to take a commitment to the development and promotion of culture, through science conceived as an entire synthesis of production, dissemination and accessibility of knowledge.”

The MEF´s history is a continuing commitment to exhibit from Trelew the paleontological richness of the region, a World Heritage Site and a genuine source of pride for all.

In the MEF we believe that science should be a tool available for everyone, not just for scientists. If we can achieve that more and more people use these tools in their daily lives, then we will have fulfilled one of our main objectives.

“Among our most important objectives is to rescue our heritage -in this case paleontological- to convert it in a knowledge developer device. Thus, transforming nature into comprehensible material must be a must in museum institutions, in their path to informal education”

Dr. Rubén Cúneo

Director of the MEF



The expansion project of the museum aims to double its total area and triple the total exhibition area, including more space for collections and work areas, renewed services for visitors and, of course, an area that reflects the most recent scientific findings.

The first stage of construction is underway and has an estimated building time of 24 months.

Currently, the MEF and the Egidio Feruglio Foundation, work intensively in fundraising campaigns and special projects developed to generate enough funds to cost this expansion.

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