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Although paleontology studies the remain of creatures, environments and ecosystems from many millennial ago, the knowledge it generates is essential to the understanding of our current climate, environment and biodiversity. That understanding helps governments, the academic community and populations anticipate and deal with the effects the change in these will have in the future.

Although MEF has significant support at a local and regional level we are seeking external investment to expand its range and so improve global understanding of our future, promote the protection of our planet, and give us a window onto our ancient past.

The museum has significant future relevance.

Your support makes the DIFFERENCE.

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Your support can:

PROVIDE a new purpose-built exhibition space to show the complete skeleton of the recently discovered largest known creature ever to have walked the earth.

ENGAGE visitors in a more profound understanding of how the earth has developed and what its future might be though a series of innovative interactive exhibitions.

SUPPORT increased scientific research offering young scientists the chance to learn at the leading South American center of excellence, driving foward international understanding of the Earthś prehistoric past.

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Choose the option that works best for you: become a Member, make a corporate investment, associate your Foundation, or simply make a gift to support the Museum.

There are options to help from US$20 to US$250.000, to suit every pocket and every interest.


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