We need your help!

Corporate Investment

Investing in MEF makes perfect business sense – not just for your company but also for the local community in Trelew, the nation of Argentina and the global scientific community.

Each year, MEF’s work helps train and develop the world’s most promising scientists; it inspires the next generation of creative thinkers in Argentina; and it contribute over $2.000,000 to the local community of Trelew. With your investment, we can continue providing returns on a titanic scale.

We have a number of opportunities for your company to partner with us as we expand the museum and increase our impact on the global stage. Some of these opportunities include:

Name a new section
The new Exhibition will be visited by more than 140.000 persons a year.
Sponsor a laboratory
Where scientifics, engineers and students can change our perception about future.
Sponsor a dinosaur or fossil
Bringing alive the bones and skeletons in the imagination of children.
Sponsor an educational project
Inspiring more than 7.000 young students per year.

Be part of a great team!


As part of our plans to expand the museum and provide a new home for the Patagotitan, we have opportunities for you to play a leading role and make a transformational gift to the museum.

To discuss other ways you can support MEF, please contact:

Florencia Gigena
+9 54 280 4432100