Lab facilities

and logistic

The Museo Paleontologico Egidio Feruglio has facilities and personnel to assist paleontological research, including labs of mechanical and acid preparation of fossils, molding and casting, and logistic support for paleontological expeditions.

These labs are equipped following international standards that allow an adequate preparation of the fossil specimens prioritizing their preservation.

The lab staff include a divesity of techincians specialized in different areas of fossil preparation, ranging from small invertebrates to large dinosaurs, including palynological samples and thin sections of different types of fossils and rocks.

The MEF labs are divided in five different areas for the preparation of different types of fossils:

  • Macropreparation area.
  • Micropreparation area.
  • Acid preparation.
  • Thin-section lab.
  • Mold laboratory for studies.
  • Logistics and support for expeditions.

MEF Labs

1. Macropreparation

Extraction and preparation of large vertebrates. Given the large size of the fossils, this work requires a large technical support. A large dinosaur, for example, can require years of work while a small rodent can be prepared in a few weeks.

2. Micropreparation

Extraction and preparation of small fossils. Althogh the size of the fossils is small these fossils are usually collected in large quantities.

For example, in a recent exploration we have collected hundreds of remains of small invertebrates, which whill require an important processing time at the prep lab.

3. Acid preparation

This lab prepares macro and microfossils, which cannot be seen with a naked eye. We normally prepare fossil polen and cuticules of fossil leaves.

4. Thin-section lab

This lab perform thin sections of rocks, plants, and bones so that researchers can study the internal anatomy and structure of fossils as well as the mineralogy of sedimentary rocks and paleosoils.

5. Mold laboratory for studies

In the mold laboratory, technicians make silicone rubber molds that are often photographed for the purposes of study and comparison.

6. Logistics and support for expeditions

This area of the museum counts with the required equipment for peforming diverse kinds of field work and expeditions, including:

  • tools for fossil extraction;
  • vehicles for transport of people and supplies from and to the field;
  • gear for support and camping (tents, safety equipment, cooking tents and carts, etc.)
  • field supplies (food, fuel, storage devices for fossils, etc.)