If you enjoy your visit,
take your memories home!

Dinoshop offers an exclusive line of products related to the paleo theme and developed for all ages.

Designed by MEF creative department, on our visitors demands, Dinoshop products are the perfect souvenir in your visit to the museum.

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iWhat can you find
at dinoshop?

Fossil replicas and 3d models

Developed and molded in the laboratories at the museum with the same techniques as those shown in the exhibits. Each replica includes wooden base and fancy descriptive label. 3D models show specimens (not just their bones), according to the descriptions provided by scientific research.

Paleo Fashion

Shirts, hoodies, caps and other garments include Mef logo designs, prehistoric animals and special editions.


Pencils, decorated mugs, pins, notebooks, bookmarks, stickers, magnets, cards, puzzles, and much more! Every month new products!

Books, guides, posters

Our selection includes titles of paleontology, geology, tourism and photography of Patagonia, among others. For kids and toddlers, activity books and albums to learn while playing. And for all ages, puzzles and wooden models to assembly.


Open every day, with the same museum schedule. Entrance is open free.


Cash, all credit card and debit payments are accepted. Shipping all over the country.

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