Glamping Patagonia

An aventure between dinosaurs

Past, present and future are mixed in this unique experience with the MEF scientific team.

Live the adventure of a paleontologist digging dinosaur fossils, sleeping under the stars, learning about the fauna and flora in a breathtaking landscape.

Walk along desert paths in the company of specialized scientists, enjoy typical outdoor meals, help MEF technicians in a paleontological site and enjoy an experience that will change your ideas about nature, evolution and biodiversity.


  • Six geodesic domes for 2 passengers each.
  • A dining room inside a geodesic dome.
  • Camp beds with thermal sleeping bags, bedding, pillows and wool throws.
  • Bed foot of sheep wool.
  • Vinyl floor covered with carpets.
  • Electric light + central load for devices (Provided by three high performance generators).
  • Dining room with complete set of dishes, glasses, cutlery and linens.
  • Trailer of bathrooms with electric light, running water, showers with hot water and complete set of towels for each passenger.
  • Kitchen trailer with gastronomic equipment and two professional chefs.
  • Satellite phone for emergencies + special kit.
  • Sound and music equipment.


  • Bilingual permanent assistance staff for passengers.
  • Scientific staff for field guides, geological and paleontological visits, talks and debates.
  • Kitchen team: Main chef, deputy chef, baker and assistant.


  • Visits to paleontological sites
  • Participation in scientific field work.
  • Hikes with scientific interpretation of geology, flora and fauna.
  • Field activities: horseback riding, rowing, trekking. (Optional, no additional charge)
  • Argentine cooking classes by the Chef. (Optional, no additional charge)
Services & activities

Basic schedule:

Day 1: Arrival
Lunch/Dinner at the MEF, inside the Dinosaur Hall at the Exhibition.
Visit at the Museum, including labs and collection.

Day 2: Departure to the Camp
Departure at 8.30 am with the final course to the Camp in Cerro Cóndor.
The group travels with one guide and two Mef Scientists.
The trip has 3 stops:

  • First stop at Florentino Ameghino Dam. Walk with geological views.
  • Second stop for lunch at Los Altares. Informal lunch (buffet froid) by the Chubut River: cold cuts, snacks, Patagonian specialties, fresh drinks, sweet table.
  • Stop before arriving at the Camp, visit a paleontological site.

Arrival with vehicles at the entrance of Cerro Cóndor. Cross rafting down the Chubut River.
Arrival at the Camp at 6 pm.
Welcome cocktail. Sunset view.
Dinner, Patagonian barbecue.

Day 3: Field Day
Visit during the morning to a paleontological site.
Lunch with a Patagonian menu.
In the afternoon, field trips and walks to paleontological sites. Snack.
In the evening, scientific talks and review of the day.
Dinner with Patagonian menu.

Day 4: Departure, Option 1
Breakfast farewell.
Departure to Trelew.

Extra Day: Optional: repeat day 3 and spend 2 days in the Camp.

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