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Each year, MEF offers different opportunities to be part of the “behind the scenes” of its exhibits.

These special tours are a fascinating experience and have been enjoyed by all audiences, from young children to foreign diplomats!

MEF displays are the result of extensive work carried out by scientists and professional technical team of the Museum. Since they come from field trips in country sides, fossils can spend a long time in laboratories, while they are cleaned and packaged for study and -in some cases- for being part of the exhibit displays.

This kind of technical work is often unnoticed, that is why MEF has a distinctive feature: a large window display communicates the exhibition with fossil preparation labs.

In this sort of reality show, visitors might see a technician cleaning a fossil under or perhaps a pair of scientists, on a heated discussion about the vertebrae of a large dinosaur.

Reservations y rates

MEF offers four types of Backstage Visits:

  • Labs under the lenses
  • Deep Science
  • The hands of the Paleontologist
  • Private Groups

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450 km west of Trelew, on Provincial Route N12, is the MEF Field Station that has five geodesic domes with two beds each. In addition, a dome of 11 meters diameter officiates as Dining and Lounge Area.

A kitchen tent, four electric generator engines and a sanitary trailer with restrooms and showers with electricity and hot water are added to the facilities.

This station was designed to receive groups of up to 12 passengers, assisted by MEF crew, both operative and scientific.

The programs include Argentine cooking classes by the camp chef, horseback riding, excursions and walks with scientists, guided geology and paleontology, etc. MEF Glamping can be selected for a trip of 3, 4 or 5 days, and includes transportation, all meals and services.

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