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The largest dinosaur in the world is here

This specimen is the key piece to explain the gigantism in the titanosaurs of Patagonia. The more than 180 bones found in an excellent state of preservation crown it as one of the most relevant paleontological discoveries.

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Despite its young age as an institution, the Mef has won international relevance thanks to its discoveries:

The largest dinosaur in the world, Patagotitan mayorum. A sauropod of the family of the Titanosaurs, 38 meters long and almost 8 meters high. One of the most complete skeletons known.

A comprehensive new record of mammals, breaking the paradigms on the origin of modern species.

Over 15 different new dinosaurs, the only museum in Latin America that presents this level of diversity, including the giant carnivorous Tyrannotitan chubutensis.

More than 200 new species of plants, along with one of the most detailed pollen and seed records in South America.

The oldest tomato fruit fossil in the world until now.

A strange specimen named Manidens, one of the smallest dinosaurs in the world.

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