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What it is a MEF Volunteer? What are their tasks?

A volunteer can collaborate in many areas, using their own knowledge and skills. Examples include:

- Assist in the preparation and preservation of fossils;

- Support the museum guides;

- Participate in the production of replicas;

- Contribute to the preparation and implementation of outreach activities;

- Assist in the development of exhibitions, fairs and other events;

- Assist in technical or general administrative tasks.


Volunteer activities can be so diverse that you can find them as collection guards, or helping school groups, or maybe assisting in the assembly of exhibits. Volunteers are an important part of the museum, on a daily basis.


What are the benefits of being a MEF volunteer?

Join the team of volunteers implies the possibility of live experiences inside the MEF Staff and be part of the "behind the scenes" of a museum with true international projection.

It also gives you the opportunity to develop your own skills constructively, being part of the museum project an it´s growth.


But there are other benefits:

- Free entry to museum exhibits.

- Invitation to scientific talks.

- Invitation to activities and other MEF events.

- Access to specialized museum library.

- Program credential


How to participate?

Every person over 15 years of age (and without top age limit) can become a MEF volunteer.

To register, you can visit the front desk at the museum on weekdays from 10 am to 6 pm and fill a brief form. Eventually, applicants will be called for a personal interview.

For more information, contact the Volunteer Department at (0280) 443-2100 or by e-mail to voluntarios@mef.org.ar.


Other FAQs:


Who are MEF volunteers?

In general, people with a strong social commitment and some free time, who want to be occupied in a useful activity. Volunteering is, fundamentally, an altruistic activity.

Volunteering should not replace or stand with your work, school or other activities from which your survival depends.

Volunteers usually are...

- Retired that have a stable income (ex.: retirement);

- People with a strong interest in relevant themes of the museum (science, culture, museums, etc.), and wish to use some of their free time on the site (ex. a couple of hours a week) ;

- Young enthusiasts (over 15 years), that have some free time after completing their school and family obligations.


How do you decide what area I am going to work? Can I choose?

The MEF staff indicates to the Volunteer Department the different needs in which volunteers could contribute. After having verified that each volunteer applies to the required profile, a member of the staff contacts them for a personal interview.

It is therefore very important that applicants clearly indicate what their skills and interests are, in the registration form.

Finally, the selected volunteer has the right to decline the offer, any time.


Does the program provide training to me?

The volunteer program is not a training course. Volunteers come with their own knowledge and skills and donate time to help with the museum's mission. Of course, in the process probably will learn a lot of new things and skills, necessary for a specific activity in the museum areas.


Once registered, did you call me immediately?

The museum cannot guarantee that all volunteer applicants will be convened. The number of applicants convened depends on the current needs of each area and can vary over time. Some may be invited immediately and others may wait several weeks.


Are you required to commit a certain number of hours a week?

The availability of weekly or monthly hours is set by each volunteer according to their possibilities.

But once assumed the role of volunteering you will be asked to fulfil the commitment, because other people will be affected by alterations in pre-programmed schedule. Naturally, at any inconvenient, just inform the Volunteer Department, so that they can find alternative solutions.

It is important to emphasize that volunteering is not a job or implied promise or preferential consideration for working at the museum or elsewhere.


I do not live in Trelew. Can I be a MEF volunteer?

It is possible that future opportunities to work from home arise through Internet. Below we give you several options to stay in touch with the museum.


Need more information?

For further information, please contact:

Volunteers program:  voluntarios@mef.org.ar

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/mefpatagonia

Twitter:  www.twitter.com/mefpatagonia

Phone/Fax: (0280) 443-2100

Address: MEF, Av. Fontana 140, (9100) Trelew, Chubut (Monday to Friday from 10 am 6 pm.)


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MEF Volunteer Program

The MEF Volunteer Program is an opportunity to collaborate with a museum of international standing, donating some of your free time. Volunteers actually live the “behind the scenes” of this great Museum with its scientific, technical and educational team.